Friday, March 30, 2012

Juicy Burger and Dogs

The other day while checking Facebook, I noticed Denver Burger Battle post about the recent winner of the best burger in Denver. I love hamburgers and consider myself an aficionado on the matter. So I had to investigate this a little further.
When looking at the menu, I noticed it seemed similar to a burger place, I went to a lot as a kid, called Paul's Place. Paul's Place had an amazing char burger. Their char burger made me fall in love with that great char flavor. Onion rings, fries, shakes anything on that menu was good. My mom still judges onion rings to theirs to this day. Then Paul's Place closed and a void was left. I have searched for that char burger, those onion rings, that shake. Some come close but never succeed in taking the title.
I did not want to get my hopes up thinking that was the same owner and the same food, so I pushed it to the back of my mind. Tonight I went to Juicy Burger with my sister. I had to ask the waitress if there was a connection. To my surprise, it is the same guy who started Paul's Place. He even came out of the back to talk with us and reminisce about the olds days.
I ordered the double char with the works and a side of onion rings. Taking that first bite was like stepping into a time machine. It was exactly like the old char burger I could never find a replacement for. The onion rings are just as good as ever.
I will be back there quite a bit. The food is amazing and Paul and his staff are some of the friendliest people around. I can not say enough about this place. I am glad to be able to show other people this place and turn them onto to some great food. Go there and give it a shot you will not be disappointed.

On a scale of one to five kosher pigs. Juicy receives all five and an extra oink.

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pinche Tacos

After the Euclid Hall debacle last night, some good quality food was needed right away. Pinche Tacos fills that spot in dining very nice; recently named one of Denvers' best new restaurants. They bring authentic mexican food to the table and it is pinche good. If you see their food truck or in the neighborhood stop by and have a taco or two.
We started the meal with the queso fundido con tequila. It is not your average cheesy queso. The tequila adds to the flavor very nicely and makes you want to keep on digging in for more.

For our tacos we ordered quite a few. So far I think their may only be one or two tacos left to try and it makes me a little sad inside. I have not had a bad taco or one that was just ok. Even the vegetarian tacos have this taste that makes you want more.
Todays tacos that we tried were the carne asada, carnitas, Pinche hash, green eggs and ham and the huevos y rajas. The breakfast tacos are available only on Saturday and Sunday 11 to 3.

I could go on for pages about each one easily. The flavor combinations are just amazing and leave you wanting more.
The Pinche Hash taco is described on the menu as carnitas, smashed potatoes and caramelized onion hash, scrambled eggs and a roasted green chile hollandaise. In the picture above it is on the left side on the bottom. When you bite in you get a nice crunch from the hash, then a warm hit of soft chewy meat followed by a hollandaise sauce that is not to rich but has a little kick from the green chiles. It was probably my favorite breakfast taco I tried today. Make sure to get there early and order this one, by the time we left around 2:30 they were sold out of these.
 The meats are cooked perfectly and melt in your mouth. I am still tasting that delicious carne asada. Even the corn tortillas are out of this world. I am not a corn tortilla fan at all. I usually find them gritty and just a bad placeholder for what is on top. Pinche has changed my view quite fast. Their corn tortillas have a great flavor and are not a placeholder, but another layer of flavor for each taco.
My only regret today was not getting the churros. I order so many tacos by the time, I realize about dessert I am full. Next time though I am getting the churros.
So what are you waiting for get over there and get some of these tacos, not only do you get great food but the staff is some of the nicest people around and will take great care of you.
On a scale of one to five Kosher pigs, Pinche Tacos receives all five.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Euclid Hall-Bacon Wants Justice

Tonight for 5280 we headed down to Euclid Hall. I was not sure what to expect before I got there. My only experience with Euclid Hall, was at the Denver Burger Battle. Which was a not good one at all. In the last minute they switched their burger out for one on English muffin and some weird foie gras mousse. The burger was not very good to say the least.
I had always heard good things though and wanted to give it another shot. Their 5280 meal comes with an appetizer, entree, dessert and drink. It is a pretty good deal, but on a normal visit would not probably spend that much on food.
For my appetizer, I chose the fried cheddar curds with a buffalo ranch sauce. It comes on a little pie tin, with about 8 small fried cheese pieces. It had a great crunch and was not very greasy. The cheese inside seemed a little lacking but was a step above the usual processed cheese product found in other fried cheese. The buffalo ranch sauce was quite interesting. Instead of mixing the two together. They put a splash of buffalo sauce on top. I do not understand why they did not just mix it together.
I chose the chicken fried quail and waffles for my entree. It was a nut and seed sourdough waffle, duck gravy with a habanero maple syrup. The quail was cooked and breaded nicely. The meat was perfectly cooked throughout with the chicken fried adding to the taste. The waffle was interesting but fell a little short. The sourdough taste was very strong and did not seem to work with the quail. The gravy had a little kick from the syrup. It was quite rich but seemed to be missing something. All the components on their own were quite good. The dish on a whole seemed incomplete and missing something to bring it together.
For dessert I got the bacon sticky bun. It came topped with a keg caramel and a side of apple creme fraiche ice cream. I love bacon. I mean I really love bacon. I think it goes with anything and have put it in about everything. This dessert did not do bacon justice. The sticky bun was very doughy with a weird consistency. It tasted like the two day old special at the local grocery store. The caramel was just thrown on top and did not add anything. The ice cream was frozen way past serving and not only had a weird texture but was not very good. Then the bacon was just thrown on there like an after thought.
So you are going to serve me a two day old sticky bun, some caramel you made sound fancy, and some bad ice cream. That is fine. I can live with that. Then you crossed the line. You added bacon to lure people into getting it. How could you treat the super food known as bacon this way. It deserves so much better than to be have be affiliated with this dessert.
To top the night off the service was beyond horrible. Waiter could have cared less about us and made it pretty clear without stopping by except to take our order and drop off the check.
On my scale of 1-5 kosher pigs, I give Euclid Hall 2 kosher pigs.

Look for a review of the other plates of food we had coming soon...

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This Jew Knows Food is here

So after tonights 5280 dinner and the horrible service that accompanied it,it hit me. I need to start blogging about the restaurants I go to. I love food and eat out more than I should, I have good taste in food, and my friends listen to my suggestions about food. So I am entering the world of food blogging.
In this blog, I am going to share my dining experiences and if I would recommend that restaurant.
Full review of Euclid Hall coming up soon.