Friday, March 2, 2012

Euclid Hall-Bacon Wants Justice

Tonight for 5280 we headed down to Euclid Hall. I was not sure what to expect before I got there. My only experience with Euclid Hall, was at the Denver Burger Battle. Which was a not good one at all. In the last minute they switched their burger out for one on English muffin and some weird foie gras mousse. The burger was not very good to say the least.
I had always heard good things though and wanted to give it another shot. Their 5280 meal comes with an appetizer, entree, dessert and drink. It is a pretty good deal, but on a normal visit would not probably spend that much on food.
For my appetizer, I chose the fried cheddar curds with a buffalo ranch sauce. It comes on a little pie tin, with about 8 small fried cheese pieces. It had a great crunch and was not very greasy. The cheese inside seemed a little lacking but was a step above the usual processed cheese product found in other fried cheese. The buffalo ranch sauce was quite interesting. Instead of mixing the two together. They put a splash of buffalo sauce on top. I do not understand why they did not just mix it together.
I chose the chicken fried quail and waffles for my entree. It was a nut and seed sourdough waffle, duck gravy with a habanero maple syrup. The quail was cooked and breaded nicely. The meat was perfectly cooked throughout with the chicken fried adding to the taste. The waffle was interesting but fell a little short. The sourdough taste was very strong and did not seem to work with the quail. The gravy had a little kick from the syrup. It was quite rich but seemed to be missing something. All the components on their own were quite good. The dish on a whole seemed incomplete and missing something to bring it together.
For dessert I got the bacon sticky bun. It came topped with a keg caramel and a side of apple creme fraiche ice cream. I love bacon. I mean I really love bacon. I think it goes with anything and have put it in about everything. This dessert did not do bacon justice. The sticky bun was very doughy with a weird consistency. It tasted like the two day old special at the local grocery store. The caramel was just thrown on top and did not add anything. The ice cream was frozen way past serving and not only had a weird texture but was not very good. Then the bacon was just thrown on there like an after thought.
So you are going to serve me a two day old sticky bun, some caramel you made sound fancy, and some bad ice cream. That is fine. I can live with that. Then you crossed the line. You added bacon to lure people into getting it. How could you treat the super food known as bacon this way. It deserves so much better than to be have be affiliated with this dessert.
To top the night off the service was beyond horrible. Waiter could have cared less about us and made it pretty clear without stopping by except to take our order and drop off the check.
On my scale of 1-5 kosher pigs, I give Euclid Hall 2 kosher pigs.

Look for a review of the other plates of food we had coming soon...

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