Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pinche Tacos

After the Euclid Hall debacle last night, some good quality food was needed right away. Pinche Tacos fills that spot in dining very nice; recently named one of Denvers' best new restaurants. They bring authentic mexican food to the table and it is pinche good. If you see their food truck or in the neighborhood stop by and have a taco or two.
We started the meal with the queso fundido con tequila. It is not your average cheesy queso. The tequila adds to the flavor very nicely and makes you want to keep on digging in for more.

For our tacos we ordered quite a few. So far I think their may only be one or two tacos left to try and it makes me a little sad inside. I have not had a bad taco or one that was just ok. Even the vegetarian tacos have this taste that makes you want more.
Todays tacos that we tried were the carne asada, carnitas, Pinche hash, green eggs and ham and the huevos y rajas. The breakfast tacos are available only on Saturday and Sunday 11 to 3.

I could go on for pages about each one easily. The flavor combinations are just amazing and leave you wanting more.
The Pinche Hash taco is described on the menu as carnitas, smashed potatoes and caramelized onion hash, scrambled eggs and a roasted green chile hollandaise. In the picture above it is on the left side on the bottom. When you bite in you get a nice crunch from the hash, then a warm hit of soft chewy meat followed by a hollandaise sauce that is not to rich but has a little kick from the green chiles. It was probably my favorite breakfast taco I tried today. Make sure to get there early and order this one, by the time we left around 2:30 they were sold out of these.
 The meats are cooked perfectly and melt in your mouth. I am still tasting that delicious carne asada. Even the corn tortillas are out of this world. I am not a corn tortilla fan at all. I usually find them gritty and just a bad placeholder for what is on top. Pinche has changed my view quite fast. Their corn tortillas have a great flavor and are not a placeholder, but another layer of flavor for each taco.
My only regret today was not getting the churros. I order so many tacos by the time, I realize about dessert I am full. Next time though I am getting the churros.
So what are you waiting for get over there and get some of these tacos, not only do you get great food but the staff is some of the nicest people around and will take great care of you.
On a scale of one to five Kosher pigs, Pinche Tacos receives all five.

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  2. I need to try these! I don't think I have seen the food truck yet :/ That queso sounds awesome :)